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Ayushi Institute Spoken English IELTS & PTE is one of the best Institute in Ahmedabad.
Our Features 
  • A to Z Grammar 
  • Personal and Group  Discussion 
  • Stage Practice 
  • Unlimited Vocabulary, Interesting Verbs,
  • Body language and Mouth moment & Tongue Exercise 100 % Result & Success 
  • Govt Approved Certificate 
  • Online & Offline Course Conversation Skill 
  • Tips to improve your Pronunciation Skills Videos 
  • This whole course is awesome and it will help you to speak fluent English by Guaranteed Our techniques to teach English would definitely help you to take your English next level
Mahendra Sir is not only one of the best English Professor in Ahmedabad but also great Motivational Speaker. We also have Personality Development Course to improve your impression & Personality in society.
Our Ayushi Institute shares with you some exclusive tips and tricks to improve your level of communication and gives you rationally tested inspiration to get motivated every day to sharpen your English skills and groom and boost your Personality. 
Since we are excellent for providing trainings and giving best results for English Speaking Course ,IELTS  ,PTE & Personality, Development Course  Speaking skill training in our Ayushi Institute. Thank you very much for believing in us and selecting our Ayushi Institute to learn English I assure that you will have a great command over English. So Come with smile and Go with confidence. Prepare yourself for tomorrow.
IMMIGRATION is the process of individuals moving permanently or semi permanently from one country to another
AYUSH IMMIGRATION is one of the best Immigration Consultants in Ahd .
We will help you to make your dream to migrate in any other country and secure your STUDENT VISA, VISITOR VISA ,PR VISA  Convocation  VISA , SUPER VISA  and WORK PERMIT. 
AYUSH IMMIGRATION is managed by Professor Mahendra Dekate Ayushi Institute is highly regarded for teaching SPOKEN ENGLISH IELTS , PTE  and Personality Development Course in Vastral & Nikol areas of Ahmedabad

Founder Of Institute Mr.Mahendra Dekate

Mahendra Dekate is the Founder and Proud Originator of Ayushi Institute and Executive Director too. In addition, He is proud holder of M A B ed in English dialect and the English teaching method. He will be a helping hand to the students in learning English language without any botheration. 

The Government survey statistics Illustrates only 1 % individual can speak English throughout Gujarat region and only 5 % individual can speak English all over India. However in our Ayushi Institute English speaking Academy we have 90 % tutees who can speak English every year. In his students list there is large 
number of youngsters to elderly housewives to businessmen. While conducting lectures of Spoken English he is ready to assist students endlessly which showcases a positive attitude and magnetic personality towards his students. 
He is not only young and enthusiastic Professor but also along with his teaching role. He is also a Motivational Speaker and as he always says Prepare yourself for tomorrow and nothing is impossible for a determine person. 
Ayushi Institute is one of foremost Academies in Ahmedabad in Spoken English IELTS  & PTE training. It was established in 2008 with a view to creating awareness of the English language and making the students international language ready without any fear. In past 18 years thousands of students have learnt how to speak English hassle free and fluently. We also have money back guarantee for Spoken English 
Mahendra Sir is very hard-working, loving, family figure polite and sincere professor and he has dynamic and zestful personality. 
The English Guru  Mahendra Dekate always gives his 100 % And always ready to assist his students forever.

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