What Our Students Say?

Here Some Of Our Best Students Share their Experiance with Ayushi Institute

"Hi This is Sachinsir I m an English teacher & Mahendrasir made my career I m very lucky & feeling proud that I m doing a job in Ayushi institute.I have learnt so many things from him like Mahendrasir I have also given so many results in Ayushi Institute & feeling great that bcoz of me so many students can speak English in our Ayushi institute. He is very experienced teacher & I m lucky to have a part of this great Ayushii institute."

"Hi This is Priti Rawal I m an English teacher Even though I m an English teacher I could not speak English b4 joining in Ayushi institute I could only translate d paragraph but today I feel proud bcoz I can speak English very nicely thanks to my dear Mahendrasir only bcoz of him this could become possible I feel proud on me & my dear Mahendrasir u r great teacher sir."

"Hi This is Dr Hiten Patel I m Doctor u all know if doctor can't speak English in this era how shameful thing for him when I joined I could not speak English nicely Mahendrasir started my English from fandament base He taught me all d chapters with great practice bcoz of Mahendrasir I can speak English so nicely thank u so much sir No other teacher in Ahd teaches English as like as u thank u so much sir."

"Hi This is Dhaval Mistry I m an engineer today whatever I m only & only bcoz of my idol teacher Mahendrasir how nicely u teach sir really today I m 27 years old when u taught me English I was only 14 years old today I feel proud myself bcoz I can speak English very fluently u will be my idol teacher forever I m very lucky to have a teacher like u."

"Hi This is Tejas Patel I m I m in politics youth president of BJP in Vastral ward Mahendrasir taught me since std 10th today whatever I can speak English only & only bcoz of Mahendra sir Thank u so much I feel proud bcoz I m learned politician . great great teaching style bcoz of speaking English everybody see me with respect .Thank u so much sir."

"Hi This is Priyanka Panchal I m TV actress & model as everybody know in my field nobody can run without speaking English Thanks to my Mahendrasir bcoz of him today I can speak English very fluently bcoz of my beauty & speaking style of English I shine in my field . Thanks to make me perfect sir Thank u so much dear Mahendrasir."